About AMPM

Aircraft Missile Parts Manufacturing (AMPM) was founded in California in 1976 and has been manufacturing quality aerospace fasteners ever since. In recent years, AMPM began concentrating its fastener production on several specialty products, including threaded taper pins, taper pins, keys, threaded rods, dowel pins and clevis pins. Along with these specialty fasteners, AMPM also supplies a broad range of standard and custom commercial aerospace fasteners.

In early 2014, AMPM was acquired by Alvord-Polk, Inc. and our facility was relocated to Millersburg, PA. Alvord-Polk, Inc. is well-known throughout the aerospace industry as a leading source for quality reamers and cutting tools. AMPM joins the other Alvord-Polk divisions, Morton Machine Works and Brush One, in supplying quality components to both the aerospace industry and a broad range of commercial customers throughout the world.

AMPM is ISO 9001:2008 certified and remains committed to providing its customers with quality products at competitive prices. Contact our experienced support staff on your next fastener requirement!